I started struggling with joint and sports-related injuries in college. Since then, I’ve tried everything from surgery and orthotics to Qi Gong and acupuncture. What’s worked best for me is physical therapy, yoga, and working on proper form. Even so, as the years went by I consigned myself to saying farewell to a growing list of activities that I found I could no longer regularly pursue without recurring injury. First running, golf, and martial arts, then later bicycling, boarding, and many strength exercises in the gym.

I’m so very, deeply grateful to have found Gina. She’s truly a sage with the knowledge, wisdom, and touch to fix root causes: the poor mechanics I didn’t learn naturally in my sedentary childhood and was never taught in my more athletic adulthood; and the smaller, neglected muscle groups I never learned to activate, even if I had learned their names.

As a fan-boy founding member of Urban Holistics, we are making our way around my limbs, working joint-by-joint. As we do I’m joyfully welcoming back those activities I thought I had to leave behind in my youth—the running, boarding, martial arts, lifting, etc. In most ways I am stronger and more resilient than I ever have been.

If I compare the large sums of money I’ve spent putting bandaids on my injuries over the years, versus what I’ve spent with Gina actually fixing these injuries, there’s simply no comparison—and simply no reason for anyone in similar straits to NOT hurry to Urban Holistic and put yourself fully and without reservation in Gina’s magically capable hands.
— John L.
As a physical therapist, I fully appreciate the talent and skill offered at Urban Holistic, and wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Gina Giammanco has treated me for both chronic and acute issues. It’s a benefit that she has both a dance and sports background and various movement training venues to broaden her PT approach. She can assess and implement to an individual’s needs. The Pilates equipment has been a significant adjunct to progress in my strength, coordination and balance. But first, I’ve benefited from her exceptional skills with spinal manual adjustment to reduce pain and normalize my posture, and integrate it in my coordination and movement. I especially appreciated her perseverance, patience, and encouragement when I had difficulty changing age old habits.

The quality and professionalism extend through all the personnel working there. Isabel and Suelly at the front office desk provide friendly, competent, and personable service.

This health center offers a high degree of talent and professionalism with a complementary holistic “down to earth” caring. Gina and Kirstin are well known and respected in the healthcare community, and I trust and recommend their care.
— Karen N.
Kristin is an incredible PT, but I also believe she’s an amazing healer and teacher. I’m a former ballerina with quite a history of soft tissue injuries and ensuing compensation injuries, so I’m no stranger to PT. Kristin’s worked on my body for the past 8 years, and she stands out from the crowd by treating the body as an entire system. Unless you treat the body as a whole, you miss the chance to truly remedy the actual cause of the symptoms and prevent the cascade of compensation injuries that so often occur during healing. With every injury that Kristin healed for me, I learned about my own body mechanics vs. proper movement, so I could truly heal and strengthen in the long run. I can’t recommend Kristin highly enough. She is the silver lining to the cloud of injury, because under her care you’ll be healed, educated and back on your feet in a way that should keep you healthy longer.
— Lorna Murdock
Kristin is miracle worker! I was having a weird problem where my hip felt like it was falling out of the socket every time I tried to walk. It was very debilitating. Kristin diagnosed it as a pelvic misalignment (something I would have never thought of!) and fixed me in one session. She’s also been amazing at helping with back pain as well. Couldn’t recommend her more highly as a physical therapist.
— Amy B, San Francisco

Some years ago, I think about 2004, due to repetitive stress (from writing and such) my hands were so cramped up that I could not write, I could not tie my own shoes, I could not even button my own buttons. All Kaiser could suggest was surgery. Instead, I consulted Kristin, who worked on loosening up the knots; she had the expertise to loosen up tension all the way up my arms to neck, shoulders, and everything else contributing to the congestion and tightness. In short order, my hands were freed up to move, and she taught me the exercises necessary to keep the mobility she provided me able to continue, which it has for 10 years now. I highly recommend Kristin for her expertise, her uncanny knowledge of how to open up any and all “stuck” places, as well as to teach those who consult her how to maintain the benefits she offers.
— Deborah B, San Francisco